Fun for the whole family.

Our entertainment caters to whatever age group you are looking for. Have a mixed bag? No problem. Our entertainers come prepared and know how to get everyone moving and grooving.

For party games and dance our hosts are super high energy. Your host arrives early and sets up the music and games. They then gather the party, get everyone pumped up with some balloons to toss around and start with warm up dances. Once everyone is nice and loose they begin the games that are age appropriate to the party.

Parachute games, the limbo, hot potato, simon says, relay games, and freeze dance are a few of the many games we play at the party. Once the games have ended the host gives everyone gets their prizes and cleans up. This is perfect if you are looking to have the games for an hour, or even as an add on to your other services for a half an hour to keep the children moving and entertained. Either way having games, dancing, and music at your party is a sure fire way to it being a success!


Game Ideas

We usually cater games according to the ages of the guests that are participating. Even if it's all different ages, we have games for that!

Some games we play (but are not limited to):


Cup Stacking Race

Relay Races

Simon Says

Cha Cha Slide

Freeze Dance

Parachute Play

Guessing Games

Circle Games (Duck Duck Goose, Hot Potato and more)



We were all so engaged and laughing.

“Thank you for your entertainment services. The group really loved it. We were all so engaged and laughing uncontrollably!”

— J.A, New Hope PA

Adults were up and dancing too!

“Great music! I thought this would be fun just for the kids but we were pleasantly surprised to be up and dancing ourselves.”

— L.K, Queens, NY

You were the life of the party!

“The kids had so much fun playing with the parachute. Thank you for being the life of the party, we will most definitely be using your services again”

— J.Y, Colts Neck, NJ




Be entertained along with the kids.

Games so fun, everyone at the event can be involved!