Besides our main bread of butter of entertainment such as face painting and balloons, we also offer many, many other add ons to the ideas you are looking to have at your event. Goody bags is one of them. Sandy Candy is another. Arts and Crafts is also something we do. See? And here you thought we just did a few services here and there? Nope. We do it all. Contact us to explain what you are looking for and we will see if there is enough time and work with your budget to make your imagination a reality.

Goody Bags

Let us take care of the goody bags for you so you can enjoy planning the party instead of running around finding things to put together! We provide 8-10 fun little prizes and toys in a nifty colorful bag. If you have a theme and let us know ahead of time we can put the toys in a themed bag so you can look like the hero without having to get all of the toys yourself. This is good for children over 3 years old because of the small parts. There is no candy or food items in the goody bags (unless specifically requested) so there is no worry of allergies. Just let us know how many children you are expecting and we will bring a few extra in case more show up. You only pay for the goody bags that are used. 

Sandy Candy Station

Sandy Candy is comparable to sand art, however the “sand” is a candy powder that is edible and tasty! Children can fill up layers of candy in small or large tubes that have caps or necklace caps, or shaped bottles that the children can then take home with them after they are done with their colorful delicious creation. We can cater to your theme and make sure to have bottles that pertain to the theme of your choice, or they can use our standard 12’ tubes. We also have candy beads that can be made into candy jewelry. Beautiful and delicious, who knew!? 

Arts and Crafts

If you are looking to have some fun addition to your party but don't want your guests running around like crazy, we have another kind of entertainment for all of your little Picassos'. Arts and crafts! Just explain the age range and type of art your party would be into and we will help come up with an idea of what project to do for the party. Possibility of creations are endless! Jewelry making, tye dye, picture frames, solo cup art, sand art, painting, wood crafts. This is really up to your imagination (and budget).

Temporary Tattoos

These tattoos are available to add on to another service only. They are rub on with a sponge and can last up to a few days. They are all shapes and sizes and we have many different types of designs to choose from. 

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