Henna is an amazing ancient art that will leave a lasting impression. It's perfect for all kinds of events and parties and will leave you and your guests wanting more. The designs can take anywhere from 1 minute to hours but once complete it will last for around two weeks or more depending on how it is cared for. This type of body art is so beautiful and always leaves people amazed and talking about the event and experience for weeks after the party is over.

Henna dye (which is ground up tropical leaf mixed with essential oils) is used for dying hair and decorating skin. It is used in various festivals and celebrations. Henna stains the skin anywhere from a few days to a month depending on the quality of the paste, skin type and how long the paste stays on the skin while drying. In history, henna was typically seen on adult woman who were celebrating marriage or fertility. This is fun for office parties, weddings, even older children’s parties. Henna is so elegant and beautiful it would be a gorgeous addition to any party or event.

We even do individual henna sessions.



Our company LOVES henna for our annual end of the year picnic, it adds so much to the party
— -Veronica R; G.A. Credit Union


Add some lasting spice to your celebration